Autumn  on the North Texas prairies

of  Dallas


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Bald cypress at White Rock lake in Dallas2000 LiveOakDallas12-2000 Bald cypress at White Rock Lake in Dallas12-2000 Southern Magnolia in Dallas12-2000 Crape myrtle in Dallas12-2000
Washingtonia filifera and Sweet gum in Dallas12-2000 Sweet gum in Dallas Dec. 2000 Live Oak in Dallas Dallas Red Oak. Parasol Tree and T. fortunei in Dallas12-2000
FallinDallas12-2000.jpg (25036 bytes) American Elm, Dallas12-2000 DeodarCedarDallas12-2000.jpg (29171 bytes) fallcolor.JPG (28652 bytes) FallDallas12-2000.jpg (30290 bytes)
WillowDallas12-2000 FallMapleDallas.jpg (35406 bytes) DallasPalmsnXmas.jpg (26541 bytes) Deodar Cedar in Dallas 12-2000 FallnDallas12-2000.jpg (30670 bytes)
T.fortunei in Dallas12-2000, survived the 1980's cold winters WhiteRock Lake in Dallas 12-2000 SweetgumDallas12-2000 Tony Sabal in his Dallas backyard 12-2000 Tony's front yard in Dallas 12-2000
LakewoodDallas12-2000.jpg (29524 bytes) T.fortunei2Dallas12-2000.jpg (31551 bytes) P.viridis Bamboo in Dallas12-2000 HighgateDallas12-2000.jpg (30908 bytes) Sabal mexicana in Dallas12-2000
SilverMaplein Dallas12-2000 LiveOakDallas December 2000 SweetgumDallas2000 SilverMapleDallas12-2000.jpg (71195 bytes) ChinesePistacheDallas12-2000
WhiteRockLake, Dallas12-2000 Red Oak in Dallas December 2000
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